Heloisa Fleury is a guest speaker in national and international conferences.

She has been invited to deliver the lecture “The introduction and evolution of Psychodrama and group psychotherapy in the world: a professional perspective based on the experience in Brazil”, to be presented at the V IAGP Regional Conference in Africa e IV International Conference in Egypt in Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, in January 2020.

Some themes presented in previous conferences:

Sociodrama applied to social therapy: the perspective of neuroscience – Lecture presented at the I IAGP International Congress on Research and Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes on Chronic Stress, in Athens, Greece, in 2014.

The group work with the Brazilian Socio-psychodrama – Lecture presented at the Congress of the British Psychodrama Association, in London, United Kingdom, in 2014. 

Scientific validation of Brazilian Psychodrama – Lecture presented at the Catholic University of Brasilia, in 2016.

The vision of the IAGP: from different approaches to cross-fertilization and its applications in conflict resolution and collective work with trauma – Presentation at the III Regional Congress of the Mediterranean IAGP, in Barcelona, Spain, in 2008. The mission of the Transcultural Section of the IAGP, coordinated by the author from 2006 to 2009, and some challenges in working with populations in which cultural diversity is an important feature were presented.

Cross-cultural perspective in group interventions: trends and perspectives – This presentation took place at the III Regional Congress of the Mediterranean IAGP, in Barcelona, Spain, in 2008. Some results of the international research promoted in 2007 by the IAGP Transcultural Section, coordinated by her from 2006 to 2009, were presented.

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